Getaway to Woodstock @theWokeVillagerAs I mentioned in my last post, I spent three days in Woodstock last week with my boyfriend!

Though Jason and I have been dating for over three years, this was the first vacation we’ve taken together that didn’t involve visiting family, or one of us working. We agreed that the only thing on our to-do list was some serious R+R.

Woodstock absolutely lived up to and surpassed my expectations for a small town in New York’s Catskill Mountains. Vibrantly painted Victorian houses, tie-dye and candle shops, bearded men who perhaps never left after the festival,  long-haired ladies with prayer beads and amber necklaces? Yes, please! And all of the food spots we hit were top-notch: Sunfrost Farm (which really should not be missed), Shindig, and Yum Yum.

We struck Airbnb gold with the fabulous farmhouse we rented. (Check out that succulent pallet!!)

I was too busy vegging and missed my opportunity to take pics all over the house. Pardon the lived-in look of that dream kitchen above! (Can we talk about those butter appliances!?) And check out the background of that sweet morning shot of me below for a feel of the amazing living room, complete with wood burning stove.

Here are a few pictures from our explorations in town and around our mountain.

And never underestimate the joy brought by completing a thousand piece puzzle!

It only took us 7 hours…

Our task now is to try to hold onto any lasting piece of the stress-free time we were privileged to share up the mountain. Once I’ve figured out how to do that, I will happily share. Till then, Peace and Love, villagers!

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