About Lulu


Hey, peeps! I’m Lulu Fogarty.

Born and raised in NYC of the ’80’s, I am a downtown New Yorker to the core. I am an actress, playwright & spoken word poet who believes that art can change the world.

I started apples & azaleas as a place where I could share my experiences during my 9-month research-based immersion in Taipei City, December 2012-September 2013.

I am now back in Brooklyn working on writing an educational, interview-based play about politics + ethnicity in Taiwan.

I believe that one never stops learning. I believe in good food, good friends,  generosity + kindness.

Follow me on my journey to establishing the life that I want in New York City after creating a life abroad from scratch. And if you still want to see more me (!!), visit my site.

I like to end each post with a piece of music that I find relevant or that has recently been stuck in my head. I’ll end this with an ode to NYC, if you will: a fave from Azealia Banks. (*Parental Advisory!*)

Headshots by Taylor Hooper Photography New York.

3 responses to “About Lulu

  1. Hi lulu:
    I have an artist residency at Lillian E Smith Center from 12/30/12 through 1/13/13 to help me complete a master’s thesis called Paperboy: A Memoir about my midlife career change from law to journalism/writing. I’m editor of small-town newspaper in Fairhope, Alabama. I’ll be at the Esther Cottage and appreciated your pix and info. I’m writing to wish you joy & luck in your journey and of my interest in getting copy of your play about Miss Lil and any advice you might for me about my residency. I’ve put myself on email list for Prater’s Main Street Books in Clayton.

    All best,
    Mike Odom
    Point Clear, AL

  2. Hi Lulu,

    A friend of mine, Michael Turton, in Taiwan sent me a link to your blog; you have some good stuff. I posted it to our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/AmericanCitizensforTaiwan.

    Would love to know more about your plan for a play based on politics and ethnicity. Taiwan is really such a melting pot like America, something most outside of Taiwan don’t get (and maybe some inside?). Also I should put you in touch Don Rodgers, a professor at Austin College who has an interest in the misperception of Taiwan identity outside of Taiwan and misrepresentation of that identity by the ruling government. Let me know and I can give you his email.

    Love to hear back from you,

    Cheers, Brock Freeman
    Director, American Citizens for Taiwan

  3. hi lulu, I’m heading to Taiwan this July so I’m glad I chanced upon your blog! It looks like such a gem! Bookmarking it and going to take my time to look through your older posts – especially for tips on Taipei! 😀

    Thanks for sharing 😀

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