Practical Goal Setting for the New Year

practical goal setting for the new year @theWokeVillagerHappy New Year, villagers!

I think we were all ready to say, “BYE!” To 2016. But as I counted down its final seconds, it felt ingenuine to welcome 2017. I’m totally freaked about the struggles this new year will bring. But, I do believe there are some things about any new year that are worth getting excited about.

I’m talking intentions, people!!

I don’t know about you, but physically taking the action to sit down and write out my wants really does it for me. Figuring out and planning the steps I need to take to get there makes change feel that much more attainable. And, as a novice bullet journaler, the idea of pouring my ideas out in a visually pleasing way feels like even more of a treat. But that’s my own obsession. (Which you will be hearing more about, promise.)

Regardless of what your list ends up looking like, I recommend the practice of goal setting.

Because, why opt-out of a chance to be your best you?

This year, I used the Goal Setting Worksheet from Page Flutter to help draft my thoughts. In a nutshell, Megan’s advice is to write your goals in stages:

  1. Your Goal (the Result of your actions)
  2. Your Action Plan (what you’ll do to achieve your goal)
  3. Your Purpose

For instance, for most of my life, I’ve had low blood pressure. But the last couple of times I’ve had my blood pressure checked, it’s been higher than I’m comfortable with. (Prehypertension levels, and I am not messing around with that noise.) So,

  1. GOAL (RESULT): Bring down blood pressure– Focus on a healthy heart.
  2. ACTION PLAN: 1.) Eat heart-healthy foods; 2.) Drink Less!; 3.) Create and execute a habitable fitness routine through crosstraining: yoga, running, free weights; 4.) Do your research and stick to plan.
  3. PURPOSE: A long, strong, healthy life!

I actually did print out Megan’s freebie Page Flutter template, filled it in with pencil, and then transferred my thoughts to my journal. So far, I really like using the Sharpie Fine Point Pen and Muji colors. I took my header banner idea from @studypetals and popped some carnelian and garnet in there because a little birdie told me these are great crystals to use for motivation.

Yep, there’s some personal stuff here. But I’m down for the accountability such honesty will bring!

How will you change your world this year?

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