Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump an act of resistance @theWokeVillagerA couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Elizabeth Seldin, contacted me saying that she had an idea and wanted to meet. We were still in the thick of the post-election whirlwind and clamoring to figure out productive ways to get involved.

We met for coffee and she told me her idea: host a letter-writing action giving people a platform to share their expectations with our president-elect, Donald Trump. We provide the paper and markers, the People bring their demands.

#DearMrTrump was born!

Yesterday, we organized and hosted our first event in Washington Square Park! This is what we posted to our event page:

#DearMrTrump Event Cover Image

For many of us, the election seemed to turn our world upside down. Even as we are getting used to the idea of Donald Trump, our president-elect, we’re still asking, “What can I do now?”
Trump was quick to suggest that we must come together, for he is everyone’s president. Yet it’s hard to forget his words and actions on the campaign trail: racist, misogynistic, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, ableist, bigoted, and sexually predatory. His recent cabinet selects include avid white nationalists whose records against women, People of Color, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community speak for themselves. So, come together? One nation under Trump? Move forward? How!?
We can start by exercising our first amendment rights. Let’s make our voices heard!
It’s up to us to remind Trump that it is his duty to act for ALL, not merely the minority that voted him into office.
Join us on Saturday, December 3rd in Washington Square Park for #DearMrTrump! Stay for five minutes or five hours! Write a simple “Dear Mr. Trump” letter to blast on social media!
We bring the paper and markers. You bring your ideas!
All posts that use the #DearMrTrump hashtag will be included in a formal letter that will be delivered to the White House.
Look for the #DearMrTrump chalk arrows and the ladies with signs! We will be ready and waiting for you with information about how to get organized for action now– so we may keep our country moving towards embracing the rights of ALL people. There is no time to lose.
If you can’t make it to the park, join our call from where you are! Snap a shot of you with your “Dear Mr. Trump” letter, post and make a clear message.
Be a part of the conversation! Blast social media with your #DearMrTrump message!

Nearly 60 people participated by penning messages! A few were messages of support. Most were critical demands from concerned New Yorkers and tourists, grateful for the opportunity to put into words what they expect from him.

The response was overwhelmingly positive! Here are a few personal highlights from the day.

dearmrtrump1_fotor dearmrtrump2_fotordearmrtrump6_fotor My parents at #DearMrTrump

I will continue to share information about #DearMrTrump actions (there will be more!) and images of some of the letters that people wrote.

In the meantime, you can:

  • Dear Mr. Trump Template from the Woke VillagerRead Trump’s proposed 100 Day Plan
  • Stay informed about Trump’s latest cabinet and administration selections
  • Examine the records of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. Many of them require Senate confirmation. If their records don’t align with your views, call your Senators and tell them what you think!
  • MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Use the letter template above to write your own message to Donald Trump! All messages tagged with #DearMrTrump on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will be included in our formal letter to the White House! (No printer? No problem! Handwritten messages are just as good!)
  • STAY INVOLVED. Check out the suggestions in the documents below.

Thank you for reading!

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