road dogg tour pt. 4: bangkok temples

Rest assured that I will continue the political, civil rights + social responsibility dialogues on this blog. But now–since inquiring minds want to know–I’ll once again get back to my slightly more frivolous travel tales + observations.

After 4 days in Hanoi + Halong Bay, our next stop was Bangkok. Ever since I can remember I have been interested + fascinated by Eastern art, religion + folk stories. In Bangkok, we hit the jackpot.

The temples we found were so beautiful, decadent, ornate + enormous that, here I will just let the pictures from Wat Phra Kaew + Wat Pho speak for themselves with the assurance that Christian + I were wide-eyed for our entire temple-going Bangkok day. (Oh, hey, 15m tall x 48m long reclining Buddha!)

ctrip_2530ctrip_2558ctrip_2566ctrip_2525 ctrip_2539 ctrip_2555 ctrip_2562 ctrip_2561 ctrip_2569 ctrip_2572 ctrip_2592 ctrip_2598 ctrip_2620 ctrip_2625 ctrip_2628 ctrip_2632 ctrip_2631ctrip_2667ctrip_2647 ctrip_2668 ctrip_2669 ctrip_2675ctrip_2661ctrip_2687

Thanks to the TV in our hotel room with MTV China, Christian + I were quickly introduced to this awesome song + vid. Bangkok is really all about getting your CRAY on! Stay tuned for the wacky side of Bangkok TBD in the next post…

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