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Happy first day of my last semester at ICLP to me! Summer Quarter at ICLP brought a whole new crew of students + two new roommates into the mix. I’ve got a nice crew of buddies from the school year who stayed for the summer + we’re all looking forward to summer in Taipei + an hour less of class each day! (That being said, it seems as though I might have more work to do outside of class, soooo… Here’s hoping it comes out even!)

Anywho, the over the last couple of weeks I hosted my best friend Christian in Taipei + we traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam + Bangkok, Thailand together! Holy cow, was it an incredible trip! It will take me some time to get all of the travel deets up + posted, but for now here are some highlight photos!

ctrip_2247 ctrip_2296 ctrip_2364 ctrip_2409 ctrip_2436 ctrip_2492ctrip_2530 ctrip_2558 ctrip_2566 ctrip_2661 ctrip_2687 ctrip_2697 ctrip_2702 ctrip_2719Please stay tuned to hear more about our trip!

For now, enjoy this fabulous video by Solange Knowles (who I’ve loved since “I Decided“) that C turned me onto before we left Taipei for Hanoi.

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