fulong beach

Since pretty much all of my buddies left Taiwan in the first week of June for jobs, school, life, or vacation, I was ridin’ solo for a few days. I decided to take the opportunity to check out Fulong Beach (福隆海水浴場).

I had heard that it was beautiful + that there was also a sand sculpture festival happening. I love going to the beach + don’t get to go enough, so I didn’t need much convincing.

I took the train from Taipei Main Station, about an hour + 20 mins to Fulong. I did not buy a famous lunch box (which some would consider an absolute travesty) because 6 months into my Taiwan stay, I can safely say that I need a break from Taiwanese lunch boxes. So, I went to 7(eleven), bought some snacks + a big floppy straw hat from the shop next door + followed the crowds down the road to the beach.

springend_2116 springend_2117 springend_2119 springend_2120 springend_2121 springend_2123 springend_2126 springend_2136

The beach itself is quite small but gorgeous. I didn’t pay to get into the sand sculpture area, but enjoyed them from afar! I rented an umbrella + posted up.


Here’s where it gets interesting.

Since I was a foreigner alone in a bikini (almost all of the Taiwanese girls at the beach wore full outfits into the water, which I found very interesting), people took that as a sign that I was open for conversation + pictures.

At least 5 groups of people came up to me over the course of the day to ask if I would be in pictures with them. When a group of ten 18-year-old boys came for a photo, I told them they could take one as long as they emailed me a copy. They rock, paper, scissored to see who would be the lucky fella, + here’s what we ended up with.


I also was super entertained by the four women at the umbrella in front of me who brought 5 (!) tiny dogs with them to the beach. I was especially interested because they had a beautiful dachshund. Well, this little noon (aka, dachshund) ran away from her mamas when they were taking pics for a group of teenagers (everyone was taking pics ALLLLL DAY: group jumping pics, hair blowing in the wind selfies, etc.). When it was clear that the women had no idea their dog had run to the other side of the beach, I notified them + they were super thankful. As a reward I got to chill with another of their dogs for a while.

springend_2148 springend_2150 springend_2152

Well, if I was a popular target before, putting a cute fluffy toy dog on the foreigner’s lap sealed my fate. I am still waiting for a shot that I took with 10 girls who got the umbrella next to me.

Seriously, you can’t make this ish up. As much as I wanted to get some work done at the beach, I had an awesome, wacky time + just so much fun.


再見, 福隆海水浴場!

What says beach more than The Beach Boys + wacky more than The Muppets?!

One response to “fulong beach

  1. Hey, just too too adorable — you rocked the bikini and attention, FABULOUS. And of course Kermit rockin’ the Beach Boys, priceless. Keep on keepin’ on… xxx

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