I don’t like posting for the sake of posting, but that’s sort of exactly what I am doing to say that I haven’t forgotten you, my devoted readers, or ze olde blog.

My mom’s whirlwind two weeks in Asia fleeeeeeeew by, my second Chinese semester started last week, I’m going full speed ahead on a semi-secret writing/performance project with some great new friends, I start rehearsals for a World Family English musical show for kids on Wednesday (check out the trailer from their last one here!), I booked a modeling gig for a clothing catalog, + I have a whole pile of photos + stories to share from my adventures with my mom.

Here are a few visual teasers.

mama_1540 mama_1547 mama_1579 mama_1581 mama_1605 mama_1618 mama_1645 mama_1670 mama_1679 mama_1694 mama_1705 mama_1748 mama_1767mama_1774

Phew. Details about all of the above coming soon. In the meantime, I. Can’t. Stop. Listening. To this song. Maybe you’ll get hooked too.

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