Celebrating my Halloween bday with family and friends

Celebrating my Halloween bday with family and friends

So, who else is in that post-Thanksgiving daze? Maybe wanting to go for a run to put that mind at ease about the several extra helpings of dessert yesterday? But then deciding not to because, well. Do you need a reason? I’m right there with you, peeps.

As I teeter into the few quiet days that follow Thanksgiving, I feel surrounded by contradictions. First there’s the issue of when and how much to eat at each of today’s meals in support or opposition to the expansion forced upon my enduring stomach yesterday. 😉 But what I find myself really grappling with is the faith that I have in the people that share our world, in direct contrast to headlines filled with shockingly hateful, fear driven and imposing actions from powerful people who I wish would know better.

I try my best to give people the benefit of the doubt, to hold doors for people still halfway down the subway staircase, to smile at strangers on the street, to give of myself so that others can find protection, solace, an advocate or a listening ear. To lead by some example in the face of a seemingly constant barrage of unabashed lies, which people who look like me allow to feed their rage against the “Others.”

In the face of such nastiness, if you are anything like me–someone who still thinks that the world can change in a way that includes everyone in love–it can be hard to maintain perspective on the things that are actually working.

So this Thanksgiving, and every day for that matter, I’m trying to keep in mind all of the little big things that I am truly grateful for.

  • The constant support from my family and friends in every endeavor, no matter how trivial or radical.
My very own Eavesdropper by Mete Erdogan post!

My very own Eavesdropper by Mete Erdogan post!

  • The satisfaction that I get from all of my “Joe Jobs.” I work four jobs every week, aside from whatever writing or rehearsing or performing that I might have going on. I get to advocate for one of the strongest women that I will ever meet–Flora Fasolya, who is doing all she can to live at the highest standard possible, despite daily deterioration from ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease (read more about my work with her here). I get to share my love of acting with NYC kids, whose resilience and creative minds inspire me each time we meet. I get to speak with young children about finding the courage to be kind in the face of adversity, and about how to be not only tolerant of but interested in learning from other ways of thinking. I get to be surrounded by dear friends and beautiful things while we help other people celebrate love and introduce people to treasures handmade by artists and designers who are doing very cool things. I might feel spread thin by seven workdays a week, but I am supported and very much fulfilled by the work that I am doing.
  • The community of Freedom Fighters that I have met by marching in the streets, by getting arrested in non-violent direct actions to demand justice for Eric Garner and the abuses happening daily at Rikers Island, by helping to organize Rise Up October, and by continuing the hard conversations about race, privilege, and justice at home, at work, at play.

So, as I celebrate my own contradiction today of working in a jewelry shop while actively boycotting Black Friday spending in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, I wish all you peeps a weekend filled with love, ample food, smiles shared with strangers, and minds stayed on inclusion, asking tough questions respectfully, and generosity of soul.

Cheesy much? xo

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