spring forward!

Hey, peeps! We’re still melting out of the snow in Flatbush, but with temps in the 50s it feels like spring has sprung!

To celebrate this season of rebirth, new growth and new beginnings, I am shucking off the idea that this blog needs to have a concrete and profound theme. (Jigga, wha!??)

apples & azaleas began as a place to share my adventures as a Big Apple Girl in Taipei, the City of Azaleas. Yet, since returning to the city that never sleeps, I’ve struggled to find another clever theme to guide me in curating, if you will, the posts I chose to share. Instead of serving me, the idea of a theme (a theme! a blog should have a THEME!!) has only given me another excuse not to write. And what writer needs more of that bullshhh??

So, fuuh’ THAT!!!

apaz-springforward-1From here on out I’m going to write essays and tidbits about anything that turns me on (heads out the gutter, peeps!), incluuuuding a “Subway Series” (name TBD) of my very own.

Happy spring forward, peeps! How will you celebrate this time of rebirth? …Besides jamming to one of my favorite Big Boi tunes, of course?…


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