new job: check

Hi friends! I have exciting news! I was hired at The Container Store for a part-time Sales and Visual Merchandising position! I’ve been a huge fan of The Container Store since they opened their first NYC location on Sixth Avenue 11 years ago and I am THRILLED to be joining their team.

Since I’ve been back from Taiwan I’ve been on my hustle–babysitting, temping at my mom’s office, catering (dropping catering), doing background work on various TV shows, working on social media outreach for 360repco, acting in shows and readings whenever I can…. Lots of odd jobs, lots of help from my family.

I’ve been seeking more financial stability. And in trying to keep my days free to audition and get my personal things (read: writing) done, my lack of job stability has led me to just say yes to any and all offers that come my way, not giving myself time to work on my stuff or get in the audition room. I’m expecting that hours at TCS will make tackling other things–getting Lillian Smith: Being Heard out (the footage from the last run is being edited as we speak!), writing my Taiwan play, getting more acting work, writing for $–a little more of an accomplish-able priority. (Something’s gotta give, right!?)

Also, I can’t wait to organize my space. Moving into a new apartment without job stability meant that I just haven’t been able to buy some of the things (like, oohhhh, saaaaay, a dish drainer, [just winging it with dish towels + thangs]) that will make my house more of a home. I also put all of my eggs into this Container Store basket and was waiting till I was hired at TCS, specifically, so that I would be able to get much closer to their products (which are–truly–tried and true!) and make better choices about what will work for me. Luckily, it worked out.

As organized as I am, each area of my home could all use an organizational boost. I’ve got an eye for this sort of thing, so I will be taking you along for the ride! Don’t worry, I’m committed to keeping up with writing about the progress of my Taiwan play, actual things and experiences. I will not be going totally DIY-project with ze olde blog. That said, I love personal organization (also DIY projeeeeects!) and look forward to sharing my own trials and tribulations with you.

For a sneak peak into my wonderful world of organizing ideas, check out what I’ve been pinning. (I… Can’t… Stop… With the pinning….)
Stay tuned!

Closing out with a song I can’t get enough of, recently. I love Lorde and all of her “spastic zombie” glory. “Bravado” really does it for me.

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