city girl in the mountains

Hey, y’all! It took two years, but this week I got back to the Lillian E. Smith Center in Clayton, GA for another summer residency! This time around, my friend Adam came with me.

It never feels like I have enough time down here, but this year we really cut it short since neither of our schedules could permit much more than a week away from the NYC. Unfortunately that meant we only had four full days here to get some work done and enjoy the mountains.

Enjoy the mountains, we did! Work?…. well let’s just say that today I’m grinding. But I did have a preliminary meeting about potentially bringing Lillian Smith: Being Heard to Piedmont College for a future performance opportunity, I submitted it to an LGBT playwrighting competition, continued to plug away at transcribing, and researched a ton of grants for funding help with my Taiwan play!

We’ve also been beasts about working out each day. Check out some pics from our brief stop to visit our dear Caitlin in Asheville, our workouts at the most beautiful athletic field in northern GA and our 3.5 hour hike in Tallulah Gorge!

asheville1 GAcollage1 GAcollage2 GAcollage3 GAcollage5We are already counting down to the TWO weeks that we’ll be sure to spend down here next summer. And I’ll close this with a new vid from our favorite, Little Dragon!

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