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Hey, friends! I’ve felt like a broken record these last few months, griping about the awkward, culture-shock-full transition of coming back to NYC from Taiwan. But I’m happy to report that I’m not only starting to find my footing, I’m building some momentum!

When I haven’t been working like crazy at several part-time jobs, I’ve been spending free moments getting my ducks in a row for my own personal marketing strategy. Here’s the quick rundown of newness with my promise to expand on all of this in the coming weeks. 🙂

I took an incredible image intensive with Sam Christensen, got new headshots and Lulu-fied my package!

mc.1.site2My dad started a theatre company, 360repco!

I’ve been recruited to make the website and be 360repco’s social media queen! Stay tuned for madd blasts about this to come because I’ll also be in 360repco’s World Premiere of Lancelot by Steven Fechter!


I was also inspired to start a little Etsy shop called see Jane jaunt! If you don’t already know, I love to make paper collages. A few years ago I changed my medium and made my first t-shirt collage quilt from almost 50 tees that I was tired of wearing but couldn’t bear to part with. I just associated them with too many good memories! So, as part of my effort to do what I want on my own clock to support myself, I decided to offer my services to the public!

mc.1.sjj2Thanks in advance for staying tuned for more!

And in honor of Little Dragon‘s newness (brand new album!!), here’s the first vid from Nabuma Rubberband!

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