happy new year, friends!

I know it’s been a minute since my last post, so thanks for your patience with me getting back at it. My silence is officially broken!

2013 was an incredible year for me: split between Taiwan + NYC, nine months to three.

My world perspective + life in general have been forever shaped by the friends that I made, adventures I took, stories I heard, stories I spoke, + lessons I learned. I am truly grateful for all of it + all of you.

When I moved back to NYC in September, I purposely set all of my Taiwan stuff–blog, play, interviews, transcribing, pictures, journals, souvenirs–aside to focus on being back. I figured that would give me a little bit of perspective on my experience as I start to write the play. I think that was definitely for the best + I’ll get to all of that in my next post.

Now I’ll just share a few of my fave pics I’ve taken since back to my city.

last days_3239 last days_3241 last days_3242 last days_3244 last days_3250 last days_3249 last days_3257 last days_3261 last days_3263

Thank you for being part of a year that I will never forget.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, successful, filling, rich, prosperous 2014 for us all!

Be safe, be well + enjoy NYE, folks. 新年快樂!

Happy New Year + XO from Brooklyn

(Ahh, it’s good to be back…)

2 responses to “happy new year, friends!

  1. Lulu,
    We’re glad you are back! And what a year it was for you. I hope it continues to feed your imagination and your (ahem) soul in ways that are truly life giving.
    with love,

  2. And to you the same. my dear. Thank you for being an amazing guide, in Taipei and elsewhere. Cheers to 2014. Love xxx

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