This will be a quick one about the wonderful world of cupping.

Ever since I arrived in Taiwan, I’ve seen people with strange bruising on their backs. Since it was usually on women, it made me really uncomfortable because I felt like I was seeing victims of domestic violence every time I got on the MRT. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What I was seeing was bruising that resulted from cupping treatments, a Chinese medicine + massage technique used to mobilize blood flow + promote healing.

I was simply curious about it, so decided I wanted to get it done. I did not go to treat any specific ailment, though I do have a history of back problems. Also, I know that I am a lot more stressed about moving back to the other side of the world than I am probably giving myself credit for. So, on September 11, I went with my friend Mandy to get cupped.

As a Native New Yorker, September 11 is always a tough day for me. A massage treatment sounded like just what the doctor ordered. I had no idea it would be so apropos.


The bruising is a result of muscle fibers being broken by suctioned cups being dragged along my back. This happened after a nice massage. It was actually quite soothing + not painful at all. A day later, I felt the bit of stiffness that would normally come after a massage. I would definitely get cupped again!

As I’ve been writing posts today, I’ve been listening to Goldfrapp‘s new album, “Tales of Us,” which is just incredible.

Check out this beautiful, beautiful video. I can’t help but share it!

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