more galavanting on tour

Since I had too many interviews last week to keep up with posting (not a bad thing!), this post is going to be a quick summary of the past few weeks of the Puppet Play Along Show tour.

Last Sunday we traveled to Hsinchu for my last performance with World Family English before I head back to NYC in one week! (Cue Home Alone scream: AAAAHHHHHH!!)

**I do not own this image, I just love it!**

**I do not own this image, I just love it!**

The weekend prior was our Taipei weekend. Nine shows in 48 hours. AKA exhaaaaausting.

Here are a couple Lisa composites of us being silly + posing with the company’s friends, performers + their families.

lisa taipei 2 lisa taipei 1The weekend before that, we went to Hsinchu + Taichung! We had two shows in Hsinchu on Saturday, then traveled to Taichung Saturday afternoon for four Sunday shows.

When we got into Taichung it was pouring, so Lisa + I decided to participate in one of Taichung’s most popular indoor activities: a trip the National Museum of Natural Science. Buuuut, we got there at 4:45pm, unaware that the main exhibitions close at 5pm.

Luckily it wasn’t all for naught + we could checkout the Botanical Garden. Here are some shots, including a classic Lisa composite.

barbie taizhong_2977 barbie taizhong_2979 barbie taizhong_2996 barbie taizhong_2982 barbie taizhong_2991 barbie taizhong_3013 barbie taizhong_3012lisa botanical gardenThe Botanical Garden was beautiful but small, so we were bummed that we weren’t able to visit more of the museum. I would love to get back some day with more time to explore!

wacky babushkaed frog at the information desk

wacky babushkaed frog at the information desk

That night, Lisa + I had dinner at an Indian spot that boasted a picture of the owner with Ang Lee. Then, we bought some snacks at the 7-Eleven for our night in. After all, it was still pouring + we had a 6:00am call the next day.

There are always special promotions at the 7-Elevens + Family Marts in Taiwan. So, when you buy $100NT worth of product, you get a sticker. When you get enough stickers, you can trade them in for whatever they are currently offering. This month it is Angry Birds mugs! + let me tell you, Taiwan LOVES Angry Birds.

Resulting from this particular Seven visit, Lisa ended up with enough stickers for a mug! I was secretly hoping that Lisa would get a pig because I think the Angry Birds pigs are hilarious. She did not. But this Little Dragon song promptly got stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.


I am so happy that I was able to get a couple performing jobs while I was here. The scripts weren’t as meaty as the scenes + plays that I normally work on in New York, it has been thrilling to have the chance to be around + perform for children. 🙂

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