yaboo, my love

My most favorite cafe in Taipei is Yaboo Cafe, 台北市大安區永康街41巷26號一樓, Taipei, Taiwan 106.

It is the first one that my roommate, Shaz, brought me to way back in December +  it was love at first sight.

Cafe culture is Taipei is pretty major. There are cafes everywhere + it is totally accepted for one to sit at the same cafe table for hours working + sipping tea. There are sparkly bright ones, mom’n’pop spots, Hello Kitty Cafes + laid back joints. Yaboo drew me in because it feels like home. The staff is always warm + friendly, the coffees, hot chocolates + teas are top notch, the food is great, they have a cat (!) + it is super cute + comfy.

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If the same cafe existed in NYC, I would probably scoff at its inherent hipster qualities (umm… I definitely would), because Yaboo Cafe is so cool that if it came to NYC it would become a scene right quick. However, Yaboo Cafe comes without arrogance or attitude. It is purely a great place with a great vibe geared as much towards providing a chill working atmosphere as providing a relaxed spot to bring the family or friends for brunch.

I can safely say that most of my blogging has been done at Yaboo, some with their cat curled up on my lap. I am a total sucker for animals (+ miss my beast of a dog, Otto, so muuuuuch!), so it has been a real treat to have a place that I can go for some cat lovin’. image201302150001

taipei 4 009 taipei 4 013I just love Yaboo Cafe!

I have listened to a ton of Erykah Badu in my zone at Yaboo + I’m sure I’ve provided a lot of people entertainment as I’ve jammed to various things silently in my seat. Just watched this the other day. Enjoy!

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