(let’s take) a long walk

Having grown up in NYC, I often hear from friends who grew up, well,…not in the city,

“What did you even DO as a kid in New York?” “Don’t you wish you had a yard?” “I would never raise my kids in the city.” “I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.”

I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else!

happy city lulu!/nyc/1989ish?

happy city lulu!/nyc/1989ish?

I got to go to the MoMA on weekends, jazz concerts for kids at Lincoln Center, do Kids’ Night on Broadway every year. We had playdates to friends’ houses, museums, movies, theatres, parks.

playdate w wombmate/nyc/1988ish?

playdate w wombmate, mara/nyc/1988ish?

When it snowed enough, I went sledding on the bygone Washington Square hills + the (much) bigger hills in Central Park.

I didn’t grow up biking around the neighborhood with my friends, unsupervised, but roller blading in Kids-era Washington Square Park + early renditions of the Hudson River Park, my mom jogging along behind me. In fact, despite various childhood biking escapades, I didn’t truly learn how to ride a bike till I was 18, participated in AIDS/LifeCycles 4-6, + promptly became a speed demon.

me after finishing alc 6/los angeles, ca/june 2007

me after finishing alc 6/los angeles, ca/june 2007

I actually bought my Taiwan bike today! She’s a 6-speed folding Dahon, name TBD. Today was the day because I’m going on a road/camping trip this weekend along Taiwan’s east coast with my roommate + some of her friends. There will be a ton of great biking trails along the way + I am not about to miss out! Not gonna lie, I’m also totally looking forward to exploring Taipei by bike + bringing this baby back to The NYC with me in 9 months so that I’ll have a proper city bike + not just my road monster, Elaine (the 27-speed Scott pictured above). But I digress.

Playgrounds + parks were a huge part of my growing up years. They remain so as an adult. They are the places I go running, reading, walking, exploring, relaxing, breathing.

I am fortunate to being living just a couple blocks north of what some refer to as the “Central Park of Taipei,” Da’an Forest Park.

I promised y’all pictures + now I’ll deliver.

one of the many entrances to the park/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

one of the many entrances to the park/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

entrance to da'an park closest to the crib/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

entrance to da’an park closest to the crib/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012


hiya, buddha!/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

hiya, buddha!/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012









feed the birds, $1NTD a bag/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

feed the birds, $1NTD a bag/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

vending machines!/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

vending machines!/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

azaleas!/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

azaleas!/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012









amphitheatre/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

amphitheatre/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

amphitheatre's wings/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

amphitheatre’s wings/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

ampitheatre!/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

ampitheatre!/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

you can see taipei 101 from almost anywhere in the city/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

you can see taipei 101 from almost anywhere in the city/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

who knew i'd find a lively game of croquet?/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

who knew i’d find a lively game of croquet?/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

baller play complex/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

baller play complex/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

children's amphitheatre/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

children’s amphitheatre/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

happy city kids/da'an park, taipei/dec 2012

happy city kids/da’an park, taipei/dec 2012

I walk through Da’an park everyday on my way to + from school. No matter what the weather is doing (it’s been pretty brick + rainy this week), it’s hard not to slow down for a hot minute + take in this park’s beauty. My 20-or-so-minutes in Da’an Forest Park has become one of my favorite parts of my daily Taipei routine. The next time to you find yourself in the City of Azaleas, check it out!

Jill Scott is my homegirl (in my dreams!) + I consider this song a total classic.

Baby, baby, maybe we could save the nation. Come On!

On the real.

9 responses to “(let’s take) a long walk

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  3. Soon! But no bike for me, strictly on foot.
    Possible names: Azalea? Lillian? Lula?
    But I digress! Have a safe trip — helmet?
    Hoping… xxx

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