brooklyn, ny/june 2012

taipei, taiwan/february 2010

In February of 2010, I visited a dear friend in Taipei City. I knew nothing about Taiwan, but, as far as I was concerned, having a friend who lived there was all the reason I needed to go.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I felt like a better version of myself. I was swept away by the genuine kindness + generosity that I experienced from strangers. I knew that I would have to return for an extended period of time to figure out where this pervasive generosity came from + the ways that I would be able to make it a part of my life–inside and outside of Taiwan.

In order to justify uprooting myself from my NYC life, I needed a project…something related to my art that would keep my creative juices flowing.

A la Anna Deavere Smith, I will write an interview based play about Taiwan–its people, places + politics.

My plan: move to Taiwan in December, live in Taipei City for 10 months, study Mandarin full-time at National Taiwan University, eat all the delicious foods I can get my hands on, explore + grow.

I look forward to sharing where this journey takes me + the paths that get me there!

P.S., I’m thinking I will end each post with a song that I think is relevant, or that has been on my mind… here’s a favorite that sums up what I expect from my journey: “Constant Surprises,” by Little Dragon.

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