v-day + my first 中文 essay

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, people!

While I’m sure my friends at home have been in a world that looks like someone vomited conversation hearts all over the place for the last month, I almost forgot about it this year. The only red I’ve been seeing in Taiwan was in Chinese New Year decorations. Fiiiiiiine with me!

For me + most of my friends, Valentine’s Day is always a little bitter sweet: a day for happy couples to rub in the singles’ faces the fact that they are in luuuuuv. I rarely have a partner to celebrate with, so I have hijacked the day as one that I spend with my best girls–drinking wine, eating red things, making cookies + having impromptu dance parties to silly music (Spice Girls “Wannabe,” anyone?).

My most consistent Valentine has been my mom who always sends me little V-day care packages. This year I haven’t gotten it yet because the Post Office has been closed since the 8th for the New Year! Can you imagine the USPS closing for an entire week? Cray. Equally awesome because her birthday is in a week + I didn’t factor the post office being closed for so long into my bday gift sending. Sorry 媽媽!

Anyway, in keeping with my friend-love V-day tradition, I’d like to share my first Chinese essay with you! Before the break I had to give my first mini speech in Chinese: a 150 word essay about a friend. Here is what I wrote:

我好朋友叫Lauren. 她二十七歲. 她是紐約人.她的家在那裡. 她是作家. 她會寫真好!

她最喜歡唱歌,跳舞. 在紐約我跟她一起去飯館吃飯, 說話, 喝酒.我們也去很多商店買東西. 我們看電影,也看美國電視. 我們去跳hip-hop舞. 她跳hip-hop 跳得很好看! 我覺得她是我姐姐.

在紐約我的家離她的家很近. 紐約離臺灣很遠. 我給她寫emails. 她也給我寫emails.  我們在Skype說話. 我真想Lauren. 我要她來台灣!


My good friend’s name is Lauren. She is 27 years old. She is a New Yorker. Her home is there. She works as a writer. She is a really good writer!

She most likes to sing and dance.  In New York, we go to restaurants together to eat, talk, and drink wine. We also go to many shops to buy things. We watch movies and American TV. We often go to dance hip hop dance.  She is also a very good dancer! I think of her as my older sister.

In New York, my house is close to hers. New York is very far from Taiwan. I write her emails. She also writes me emails. On Skype we talk. I miss Lauren a lot. I want her to come to Taiwan!

Writing this reminded me of the little essays I had to write in middle + high school Spanish class. The content is pretty cheesy, but it is pretty cool to know that I can write a mini essay in Chinese. 太好了!

So, I hope you all were able to feel the love on V-day. I look forward to getting my mama’s box of V-day goodies on Monday. 🙂

me + my valentine: yaboo/yaboo cafe, taipei/feb 15, 2013

me + my valentine: yaboo/yaboo cafe, taipei/feb 15, 2013

Two nights ago, my friend Tai turned me onto a new-ish lady rapper, Psalm One. Can’t get enough. xo, L

One response to “v-day + my first 中文 essay

  1. Hey, Boo, thanks for all the nice Mom shout-outs… just fyi, no chocolates in the pkg! lol / love the kitty, a big Millie with a tail? / and a speech / essay in Chinese, just awesome. xxx

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