thank you! 謝謝你! gracias! merci! (!!)


謝謝 你們!!!

to all 57 backers who helped successfully fund my Kickstarter Campaign: Lulu writes a play about life in Taipei! !!

Your support truly means the world to me. Your financial support specifically means that I will be able to

  • attend live performance to observe trends in performance in Taiwan vs performance in America
  • learn Chinese dance + martial arts techniques
  • explore Taiwan–my home for only 10 months–+ hopefully pop on over to the Mainland, too

Thank you!!

To those who could not contribute, I thank you for routing for me in the sidelines + sending good luck notes + updates from home!

Thank you ALL for following my wacky adventures on my blog!

The first time I visited Taipei, in February of 2010, I knew there was something for me to find here. After a year + a half of planning, I am back with the goal to write an educational, interview based play that will share thoughts about politics, ethnicity, + life in Taiwan with my audience.

I try to bring a bit of soul to everything that I do. I strive to make the world a better place. That is what drives me to do what I do.

Thank you for trusting that this wacky girl from the Village has something meaningful to share.

I am feeling all of the love right now + sending it back to you.

All for the feathered hand, peoples. 謝謝,謝謝!

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